Sangiovese, Merlot, Cabernet, Sagrantino

Aged for a long time to express the intensity of the Umbrian character

Informazioni Vino

Vineyard 15 hectares
Soil Type Clayey, sandy, lacustrine
Breeding Spurred cordon
IGT Minimum Return 110 quintals / hectare, equal to 164,000 bottles
Production 20.000 bottles
Harvest Manual 2nd and 3rd decade of September
Grape Selection Manual on three vibrating tables
Aging Steel, wood and glass for 3 years
Wine Longevity 10 years
Alchol 14%
Best Temperature 16° – 18° C

Montefalco DOC Rosso Riserva

Right ruby red with a hint tending to orange.

Notes of black cherry in alcohol with flavors of tobacco, leather, cloves, rosemary and chocolate powder. Balsamic and citrus background.

Elegant tannin, good flavor, freshness and acidity. Notes of black cherry, vanilla, bitter orange and black pepper.

Vinification and aging
12 months in large barrels and barriques, long bottle aging.